Taxi Services

"Tell us your destination - Our reliable and courteous taxi service awaits"

During your visit or stay in St. Kitts Nevis, our Taxi cab services are always available to take you to your desired destination. In addition to airport and seaport taxi services, we offer taxi transportation services for:

  • Beach Transfers
  • Dinners
  • Fortress Trips
  • Excursions
  • Shopping Trips
  • Ferry Transfers
  • Airport Transfers
  • And so much more.
Brimstone Hill Fortress
Brimstone HIll Fortress
Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport
Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport
Our taxi services are extended to locals and visitors. We do transfers to and from the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw International Airport.

Transportation is available to and from Frigate Bay (the location of the island's leading hotel,the St. Kitts Marriott), as well as other Resorts, the South East Peninsula including Park Hyatt, the city of Basseterre and/or any other requested destinations.

Other services offered are beach trips to the island's best beaches, dinner trips to institutions of fine dining and local cuisine sampling at beach bars and restaurants. We also do Fortress Trips (Brimstone Hill).

Park Hyatt, St. Kitts
Park Hyatt, St. Kitts
Batik Fabric; Caribelle Batik
Batik Fabric; Caribelle Batik

Need to go shopping?

We can take you browsing for groceries, souvenirs, gifts or a lunch in the city. Services are also provided for Ferry Transfers which will take you to the St.Kitts/Nevis Ferry terminal and pick you up upon return.

*There are no Batik outlets in the Town so if the need for such arises, we can take you to the Romney Manor (Batik Factory).

Contact us today to arrange your taxi transportation requirements.

Taxi Fares

  1. Frigate Bay (including Marriott) [1-4 persons: US$20.00] / [Each Additional: US$5.00]
  2. Park Hyatt, Cockleshell Bay, Water Taxi Or Sea Bridge [1-4 persons: US$35.00] / [Each Additional: US$10.00]
  3. Ocean Terrace Inn (O.T.I) [1-4 persons: US$15.00] / [Each Additional: US$4.00]
  4. Ottleys Plantation [1-4 persons: US$25.00] / [Each Additional: US$5.00]
  5. Kittitian Hill/Rawlings plantation [1-4 persons: US$60.00] / [Each Addtional: US$15.00]
  6. Ross University [1-4 persons: US$15.00] / [Each Additional: US$4.00]

(St.Kitts Marriott)

  1. Basseterre [1-4 persons: US$12.00US] / [Each Additional: US$3.00]
  2. Cockleshell Bay, Water Taxi Or Sea Bridge [1-4 persons: US$25.00] / [Each Additional: US$6.00]
  3. The Pavillion and The Spice Mill Rest. [1-4 persons: US$24.00] / [Each Additional: US$6.00]
  4. Carambola Rest. [1-4 persons: US$12.00] / [Each Additional: US$3.00]
  5. Ocean Terrace Inn (O.T.I) Serendipity Rest. [1-4 persons: US$16.00] / [Each Additional: US$4.00]
  6. Ottleys Plantation [1-4 persons: US$25.00] / [Each Additional: US$6.00]
  7. Kittitian Hill/Rawlings plantation [1-4 persons: US$70.00] / [Each Additional: US$15.00]
  8. Ross University [1-4 persons: US$20.00] / [Each Additional: US$5.00]
  9. Caribelle Batik [1-4 persons: US$24.00] / [Each Additional: US$6.00] (Round Trip)
  10. Brimstone Hill Fortress [1-4 persons: US$60.00 / [Each Addition: US$15.00] (Round Trip)
  11. La Bell Vie and Marshalls Rest. [1-4 persons: US$10.00] / [Each Additional: US$3.00]
  1. Brimstone Hill Fortress [1-4 persons: US$60.00] / [Each Additional: US$15.00] (Round Trip)
  2. Ross University [1-4 persons: US$12.00] / [Each Additional: US$3.00]
  3. Caribelle Batik [1-4 persons: US$40.00] / [Each Additional: US$10.00] (Round Trip)
  4. Cockleshell Bay, Water Taxi Or Sea Bridge [1-4 persons: US$28.00] / [Each Additional: US$7.00]
  5. South Friars [1-4 persons: US$16.00] / [Each Additional: US$4.00]
  6. Kittitian Hill/Rawlings plantation [1-4 persons: US$60.00] / [Each Additional: US$15.00]
  7. Ottleys Plantation [1-4 persons: US$20.00] / [Each Additional: US$5.00]
  1. Kittitian Hill/Park Hyatt [1-4 persons: US$90.00] / [Each Additional person: US$20.00]
  2. From the Park Hyatt to:
    (1) Pavillion restaurant 1-4 persons 12.00 U.S each additional $3.00
    (2) Salt plage 1-4 persons 15.00 each additional person $4.00
    (3) Carombola restaurant 1-4 persons 20.00 each additional person $5.00
    (4) St.kitts Marriott 1-4 persons 25.00 each additional person $6.00
    (5) Marshalls restaurant 1-4 persons 25.00 U.S each additional person $6.00
    (6) Serendipity restaurant 1-4 persons 35.00 U.S each additional person $8.00.
    (7) Ship wreck beach 1-4 persons 20.00 U.S each additional $5.00.
    (8) Basseterre 35.00 U.S 1-4 persons each additional person pay $8.00.
  1. RLB Airport / Kittitian HIll [2-4 persons: US$60.00] / [Each Additional person: US$15.00]